Enbal Moussaieff, RPA-C

Enbal Moussaieff, RPA-C

Enbal Moussaieff is Your Compassionate Physician Assistant in Babylon, NY

Welcome to the Babylon Medical Practice, where one of our medical providers, Enbal Moussaieff, RPA-C, offers compassionate, expert, and reliable medical care as a Physician Assistant. Enbal is more than proud to bring years of expertise, experience, and dedication to patient well-being, serving the community of Babylon, NY, and surrounding areas.

Who is Enbal Moussaieff, RPA-C?

Enbal Moussaieff, RPA-C is our professional, skilled, and compassionate physician assistant in Babylon, NY. She has been a part of Babylon Medical Practice since 2005. Among her impressive credentials are as follows.
  • Being a Valedictorian
  • Graduating Summa Cum Laude
  • Receiving the Highest Clinical Treatment Award from Touro College in 2004.
Enbal Moussaieff also takes pride in taking the best care for patients of Babylon Medical Practice. Her clinical interests include thyroid care, diabetic care, and musculoskeletal anatomy. Aside from being a highly skilled and compassionate Physician Assistant (PA) practicing at Babylon Medical Practice, she is also strongly committed to providing comprehensive healthcare services.
Moreover, she collaborates closely with her patients to develop personalized treatment plans tailored to their needs. She is more than proud that her journey in healthcare began with a passion for helping others and a dedication to excellence. That is why she pursued her education and training rigorously, earning her credentials as a Registered Physician Assistant (RPA-C).
Throughout her career, Enbal has also always demonstrated a commitment to staying current with advancements in medical science and technology, ensuring her patients receive the highest standard and most reliable of care.

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If you are seeking a dedicated and experienced physician assistant in Babylon, NY to help and assist you with your medical needs, look no further than Enbal Moussaieff, RPA-C, at Babylon Medical Practice. Call us today at (631) 661-2277 to schedule your appointment and take the first step towards better health and wellness.

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