Dr. Jared Hertz, DO

Dr. Jared Hertz, M.A., DO

Babylon Medical Practice’s expert and experienced osteopathic physician Dr. Jared Hertz, M.A., DO received his bachelor’s degree from Emory University in 2002 in Music and Art History. This big achievement was followed by a master’s degree in Music particularly in Piano Performance in 2004 from New York University. He achieved this milestone while studying under one of the greatest pianists of our time.

Who is Dr. Jared Hertz, M.A., DO?

Meanwhile, in 2009, Dr. Jared Hertz received his medical degree from the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine, Old Westbury. He also recently graduated from the White Memorial Center in Los Angeles, California as Chief Resident of the Internal Medicine Department. When he is not busy with his professional job, he loves doing his hobbies, including tennis, golf, attending classical music concerts, and cooking.

Aside from those, he is also a member of the prestigious Lotos Club and Metropolitan Club in New York City.

What Does D.O. Stands For?

D.O. is a medical title meaning Doctor of Osteopathy. As one of the best and most reliable osteopathic physicians in Babylon, NY, Dr. Jared Hertz encompasses a whole-body approach to medicine. Doctors with the title of D.O. also have the same rights and privileges when it comes to practicing medicine, performing surgery, and participating in any specialty or subspecialty that exists in medicine.

Doctors of osteopathy have also the unique ability to perform whole-body diagnoses of various musculoskeletal ailments and can target these problems with hands-on manipulation techniques.

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